Moms Pushing Consent Too Far, Now Asking Babies Permission Before Performing Natural Action


Better ask permission before picking your baby. At least if you want to be trendy. Instagram moms claim doing so will prevent little boys from growing into rapists.

Listen up parents; you’ve been doing it all wrong according to the left. An army of Instagram moms claim that parents should ask their babies permission before picking them up.

“Since the moment he was born, we’ve always asked before we pick him up. I always feel for his ‘yes.’ Why? Because we want him to know that his body is his and that others’ bodies are theirs, and no one gets to make choices about someone else’s body,” newly Instagram-famous mom Nisha Moodley wrote.

Her child is six-months-old. Moodley, followed by a cacophony of supporters, not only claims that parents should ask permission before picking up their babies but that the decision to do so will prevent little boys from growing up to be rapists.


Millennial parents love posting over the top photo shoots to social media.

“I don’t ever want my son to be a sexual perpetrator or the victim of one, and the best thing I can do is honor his choices about his own body,” Moodley said.

She fails to mention what a yes “feels” like, but presumably, it isn’t a crying baby. In other words, when your child is screaming at the top of its lungs, make sure you take the time to ask for permission before offering comfort if you want to be trendy.

Millennial parents, raising children in the age of social media, are prone to using their children as props to get attention online. It’s popular for young parents to stage multiple elaborate photo shoots that they can splash on Facebook and Instagram.

Liberals claim to support science and reason but Moodley’s ideas regarding raising children are already being treated like gospel amongst certain leftists. During an interview, Moodley claimed that she and her six-month-old child can understand each other. “There have been times where Raven has responded by reaching his arms out for a hug or turning his head or body away,” she said.

Moodley also admitted that parents following her unique guide for rearing children may find it awkward when their family is thrust into social situations.


Most new moms are millennials. The entitled generation is raising our future leaders.

“It’s asking myself how can I prioritize what feels right to me as a parent with social niceties, especially if some consider it rude to not hug,” she said. “If Raven seems like he doesn’t want to be touched, I just explain to the person, ‘Give him a few minutes — he may just want mommy now.’”

Of course, it didn’t take long until liberals, claiming to be experts, jumped on the bandwagon and praised Moodley’s parenting.

“This idea is part of the wonderful…philosophy, which is essentially respecting a child’s timetable and allowing him or her to participate in the full range of experiences as the result of a decision,” parenting “expert” Sharon Silver told Yahoo Beauty. “It’s the underlying premise of positive parenting.”

Silver’s advice is great for a toddler but nonsensical for a baby who can’t speak yet. Moodley’s child may be smiling because he has gas, because he sees something pleasing, or just because he’s a baby and that’s what they do. She has no idea if he’s giving her permission to pick him up. He probably doesn’t even understand what she’s trying to convey.

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Millennials are obsessed with social media. They splash pictures of their children all over their accounts in the hopes of getting likes.

According to the Pew Research Center: “Some 1.3 million Millennial women gave birth for the first time in 2015, according to recently released data from the National Center for Health Statistics, raising the total number of U.S. women in this generation who have become mothers to more than 16 million.”

Millennial parents are shaping the future. The ideas that they impart to their children are important. Today’s little girls and boys are tomorrow’s leaders. Asking your child for permission before picking them up is harmless, but claiming that that action might lessen your child’s chance of growing to be a rapist is insane and cheapens the seriousness of sexual assault.

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