Ultra-Left Atheist Leader Richard Dawkins Shocks Dems As He Denounces Islam As Disease

British ethologist, writer and Oxford University graduate Richard Dawkins, watches a film as he attends the launch of the "Oxford Thinking" campaign at the British Academy in London, on May 28, 2008. Britain's Oxford University launched Wednesday what it described as its "most important" ever fundraising campaign to put it on a financial par with top US universities like Harvard and Yale. Some 20,000 people have donated a total of 575 million pounds (725 million euros, 1.1 billion dollars) to the ancient university in the last four years but officials aim to secure nearly double that in the years to come. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal

Prominent scientist and ultra-liberal atheist Richard Dawkins denounced Islam as “the most evil religion in the world.”

In a surprise move, ultra-left wing atheist Richard Dawkins actually had some sensible words to say about Islam. For the first time, a liberal leader actually came out and called the religion out for what it is. In a speech at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the United Kingdom, he had some interesting views on religion in the world.

While in his mind, “all religions are bad,” he explained that they are “not equally bad.”

“If you look at the actual impact that different religions have on the world it’s quite apparent that at present the most evil religion in the world has to be Islam,” he said.

What? Is that the sound of snowflake ideology crumbling? Is Islam evil? One group of people is morally superior to another group?

He even gave rational balance to the cliche moderate-versus-radical Muslim comparison. “It’s terribly important to modify that because of course, that doesn’t mean all Muslims are evil, very far from it,” he said. “Individual Muslims suffer more from Islam than anyone else. They suffer from the homophobia, the misogyny, the joylessness which is preached by extreme Islam, Isis and the Iranian regime.”

Someone, that the liberal left respects, finally came out and said what the right has been saying for decades. Islam is not a “feminist” religion. It is anything but that, they hate women. They also stone homosexuals, but no one wants to talk about that.They just want to talk about “inclusion.” Dawkins doesn’t, however, support Trump’s policy of banning Muslims from a country.

“So [Islam] is a major evil in the world, we do have to combat it, but we don’t do what Trump did and say all Muslims should be shut out of the country. That’s draconian, that’s illiberal, inhumane and wicked. I am against Islam not least because of the unpleasant effects it has on the lives of Muslims.”

There is a new movement to abolish religious studies in the United Kingdom, and Dawkins is surprisingly against it. He explained that it was important for students to know about religions because it’s impossible to understand English literature without knowing the background of Christianity.

“I think that it is an important part of our culture to know about the Bible,” he said.  “After all, so much of English literature has allusions to the Bible, if you look up the Oxford English Dictionary you find something like the same number of quotations from the Bible as from Shakespeare.”

British Schoolroom

Dawkins believes British schoolchildren should be taught Biblical history and the basis of Christianity because it’s an important part of understanding their culture and history.

He explained that he would not abolish religious education in schools but would rather have a comparative religious studies program.

“I think I would substitute it for comparative religion and Biblical history and religious history,” he said.

Did one of the world’s leading atheist figures just say that there should be Biblical studies in public schools? In the United States, atheist groups protest if students are allowed to be released from school for an off-campus Bible class. But Dawkins is saying that students should be taught Christian basics.

“Comparative religion is very valuable partly because the child learns that there are lots of different religions, not just the one they were brought up with. They learn they are all different and they can’t all be right, so maybe none of them are right. Critical thinking is what we need,” he said.

With a comparative religious studies course, he hopes that the instructors will be able to talk students out of religion entirely. The speech was intended to promote his new book, Science in the Soul. 

His comments have gotten him labeled as a “bigot,” and produced all of the predicted ire that one would receive from such comments. But, given that Dawkins is one of the world’s leading liberal figures, his comments are more than interesting. Maybe the left will start to listen and discuss the virtues, or non-virtues, of “inclusion,” and “diversity.”

Science Soul

Dawkins’ odd comments came during a promotional lecture to advertise his new book, Science in the Soul.

Already, in other parts of the world, the “diversity,” and “inclusion” narrative is starting to crumble. It’s crumbling slowly but definitely. In Austria, for example, the government has banned women from wearing traditional Muslim dress and requires immigrants to spend a year taking an integration course to learn Austrian culture and values. In Rome, the mayor announced that there will be no immigration into the city until further notice.

Now, a prominent atheist figure is stating that Islam is the “most evil religion in the world,” and that not all religions are created equal. Is it possible that we have seen the peak of the rise of Islam? Is it possible that the people of the world have had enough of the bloodshed, radical ideology, and hate perpetuated by this religion? Let’s hope so.

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